Salina: the Green Island

The Island of Salina, the second largest of the Aeolian archipelago with an area of 26 square kilometers, is made up by volcanic rocks that represent the emerged part of a volcanic complex that extends below sea level to a depth of 1500 m.

Still easily identifiable are the 2 main volcanic buildings, Monte Fossa delle Felci (mt. 962) and Monte dei Porri (mt. 860),  similar to each other and that give the island a characteristic shape from which originated the ancient name of Dydyme ("Island of the twin mountains"). Of the seven Aeolian Islands, Didyme-Salina was the only one with the most precious gift: water, which allowed the birth and growth of abundant vegetation, exceptional for a volcanic island.

Indeed, there are dense forests of ferns, pines, chestnuts, oaks. It is abundant the Mediterranean maquis vermilion strawberry trees, myrtles, brooms; scattered everywhere are the bushes of capers, one of the valuable resources of the island, prickly pears, and vast areas are dedicated to vineyards, orchards to olive groves.
Here is born and produced Malvasia, a unique wine with an intense aroma and a delicately sweet taste, which has contributed to the economic revival of the island of Salina.


The island is divided into three municipalities: Santa Marina Salina, which is the harbour and the main town of the island, and the small village of Lingua (about 2 km far); Malfa is instead the largest municipality, both as an extension and as inhabitants (about 1.000 residents), and includes in its municipality the small villages of Pollara and Capo Faro; Leni is instead a little more elevated and includes the villages of Rinella (another harbour of the island) and Valdichiesa.

Santa Marina Salina is well distributed and divided in two main parts: the area of the harbour, including Via Risorgimento, the main street of the village, where all the main shops and boutiques are located: this is the area where our Hotel is located (about 80 meters).
The upper part of Santa Marina Salina is the one where there are the most of houses of the village. It is cooler than the center, thanks mainly to the sea and land breezes, which make sure that all the houses are ventilated during the day. In this area of the village we have the Holiday Houses Faraci and Niketerios. The photos of our Holiday Houses can be found on

The municipality of Santa Marina Salina also includes Lingua, a small village about 2 km away, where it is possible to take a nice walk around the saltwater lake where in ancient times there were saltworks (hence the name of the island).
Malfa is the biggest municipality (1.000 residents). It is positioned "on a plateau", therefore to go down to the sea (the beach of Punta Scario) it is necessary to go through a pleasant descent in steps. The most beautiful area of the island is part of the municipality of Malfa: the small village of Pollara, where the movie "Il Postino" has been filmed.

Pollara is 5 km far from Malfa, and it is the wildest place on the island: there are neither mini-market, neither bars nor stores, but you can enjoy of an unforgettable sea view, especially at sunset when you can observe the many colors of the setting sun beside Filicudi and Alicudi. In Pollara not to be missed is also the Perciato, a large volcanic stone arch, the result of sea erosion and wind.

Also part of the municipality of Malfa is the area of Capo Faro, another small village between Santa Marina and Malfa, where you can enjoy a suggestive view and a fantastic tranquillity.


Leni is the third of the municipalities, and it is a small village located in a high-stand plateau, which includes the villages of Valdichiesa and Rinella. Valdichiesa is a beautiful area of the island, close to the Natural Reserve, where you can smell the scent of the mountain and its vegetation, but still being a few kilometres (about 4) from the sea. 
Rinella is a small village on the sea, where is located the other harbour of Salina Island. A must-to-see is the pretty beach of Pra' Venezia, although a bit more difficult to reach. In Rinella there is the only beach with sand on the island (the others are almost all with pebbles).

Recommended is the ascent of Monte Fossa delle Felci where, turning around, you can see all seven Aeolian islands, the Calabrian coast and the Sicilian coast with the majestic Mount Etna.

Uncontaminated sea, dry and cool climate, beautiful sunsets, silence and relax characterise this spectacular scenery with its primitive charm, which exerts a magnetic attraction on the visitor, generating an overwhelming desire to come back.

Salina is the island of lovers, romantic escapes, walks under the moonlight.        

On the island you can rent boats, cars and scooters. 


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